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Christmas Cake Infused with Whisky Fruit Recipe

Bake your personalized Christmas cake with your choice of ingredients at home. Simple steps to follow

Time:  35 to 40 minutes
Makes:  8 to 10 persons     

Marinate dry fruit
200gm raisin / currant
175gm sultanas
25gm glace cherries
50gm mix candied peel
300ml single malt whisky 
Butter base:
220gm soften unsalted butter(room temperature but not melted)
220gm fine brown sugar / fine sugar
4nos fresh egg
Flour base:
220gm plain flour
Half tsp salt
Quarter tsp freshly grated cinnamon
Dry base:
25gm rough chopped toasted walnut(opt)

1. Combine all the marinated dry fruit ingredients together well, do keep the marinated fruit in the fridge for a minimum 3 day to three week . 
2. Place the butter and sugar into an Ankarsrum mixer, beat it to pale and flurry.
3. The flour base is to be pre shift, then folded into the butter mixture.
4. Then, add in the dry base ingredient to the butter and flour mixture and gently fold in the ingredient well. 
5. Make a mould as shown, add in the mixture to 70% full.
6. In an preheated La Gourmet toaster oven of 165c, bake the fruitcake  for 35 minutes or until is cooked
Recipe Courtesy of Chef John See