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About Us

Welcome to your shopping experience at MASTERBRANDS – where we believe that Brands Define You.

MASTERBRANDS is committed to provide better and more unique ways to make sure that every transaction is truly effortless. 

The company’s vision is to boost the online shopper experience through ecommerce and technology. Our ocean blue logo represents freshness, while its splash of nature’s hue inspires eco-friendliness in today’s digital age.

As online shopping becomes more prevalent, MASTERBRANDS is always striving to keep up with what the consumers want and need. We make every effort to achieve optimal customer satisfaction through seamless transactions and competitive product pricing. We are updating and improving our product selection at the best prices to delight our customers along with attractive deals, sales and promotions.

Why Choose Us
We are a specialised e-commerce platform offering a variety of goods and services in a curated portfolio. Started in 2021, the team comprises veteran media and lifestyle professionals with over 80 years of combined expertise and clout in the luxury lifestyle and F&B scene.

For customers, MASTERBRANDS is a one-stop website where they can confidently purchase their favourite brands and find new ones to love. Each lifestyle, F&B and travel affiliate has been carefully screened in order to ensure the highest standards of quality and value to the shopper. Along the way, customers will also enjoy our brand content, as we tell the stories behind the labels and share our reviews and testimonials.

For brands looking to grow their online presence and be part of a vibrant online fraternity, MASTERBRANDS assists in creating a corporate trademark in an ever-fragmented market.