HOWARD PARK Miamup Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2022



Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from our vineyards in the southern part of the region in order to capture strong varietal intensity and high natural acidity. Semillon is more broadly sourced from the south and center to capture the full spectrum of fruit flavours on offer.

Regional Range  
The temperate maritime region of Margaret River stretches a north to south distance of 100 kilometres. Bound by oceans on three sides, subtle climatic and site differences exist over the five physiographic regions and fifteen diverse land form systems that comprise the region. From such diversity of locations, an extensive array of varietal expressions in both Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon proliferate. This treasure trove of choice has allowed the region’s signature blend to thrive.

Tasting Notes  
The pale-green colour of this classic Margaret River blend points to energetic nature of the wine. Herbaceous notes of basil and lemon verbena are supported by aromas of poached pear and gooseberry. The palate abounds with Sauvignon Blanc‘s vibrant flavours of ruby grapefruit, quinceand finger lime accentuated by Semillon’s structure, texture and citrus driven acidity. A lively yet soft lime zest and chalk-like minerality delivers a bright, clean finish.

Varietal: 92% Sauvignon, 8% Blanc Semillon

Vintage 2021 was shaped in late 2020 as a great vintage with slightly lower than average rainfall over the spring period ensuring vines had good fruit set and plenty of reserves for the growing season. Warmer than average late spring and early summer allowed for good canopy growth and balanced crops, projecting healthy yields and good quality.

Moving into the ripening season the effects of a La Niña weather pattern created strong weather events that brought higher than average rainfall events. These rains freshened up canopies and reduced the need for irrigation which was welcome, especially in the Great Southern region, and even more so for late ripening varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon. For those who could pick around the rain events there were some strong wines. Overall, this was a vintage for the well prepared and brave – Howard Park

Country of Origin: Australia

Dimension: H30.5 cm x W7.6 cm 

Volume: 750ml 

Region: Margaret River 

Alcohol: 13% 

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