HOWARD PARK Miamup Chardonnay 2017



Sourced from the southern reaches of the Margaret River region to capture regional, varietal character and maintain fine natural acidity. A mixture of clones including Gin Gin, American and French are available to select from across our sites.

Regional Range  
A critical selection is applied to our Margaret River vineyards for growing Miamup Chardonnay. Each location adds to the complexity of the wine due to the soils, aspects, clones and microclimates unique to the respective sites. Applied to this rich collection of choice, is the skill and enthusiasm of our winemaking team that draws upon traditional winemaking methods and the use of fine grain French oak to craft a layered, flavoursome and complex wine.

Tasting Notes  
Redolent in heaven-sent aromas of fresh and fabulous citrus, melon, peach and pear fruit notes that define Margaret River Chardonnay. These primary aromas are subtly highlighted with caramel and vanilla pod spice, to add complexity and anticipation. The palate exudes fleshy primary fruit, laced with nutmeal, lemon butter and brioche. A fine, chalk like texture, bright acidity and subtle use of oak adds length, dimension and structure to the wine.
Tasted January 2018 JM

Varietal: Chardonnay 

As the seemingly, never-ending vintage of 2017 came to a close in early May, we reflect on a most unusual season. The cold, wet winter and spring of 2016 with annual rainfall above the averages of the past decade, set the stage. Budburst and early spring growth were slow, and it became evident early, that the start to vintage would be delayed by 3 to 4 weeks. Anecdotes of the very cool 2006 vintage began to circulate as summer progressed in the same, mild fashion. The one bright light was the comparative data of heat summation between 2006 and 2017 with 2017 still appearing to be warmer.

But were we heading for the perfect calamity of high yields in a cool, wet season?
Fungal diseases began to thrive in the humid and cool conditions as the white harvest began. Careful fruit selection, removal and some early harvesting were necessary to retain quality. Across the regions, it was evident some whites would not reach maturity and remain on the vine.

By late March the tone of the vintage was less than upbeat as the heavens opened. The reds were teetering on the edge of disaster, any further rain could turn them into slush, and our worst fears would be realised. As the mud dried, an Indian summer was desperately needed and thankfully April delivered with unseasonably dry, warm conditions throughout. This prolonged This prolonged, ripening phase allowed the flavours to develop fully, and the tannins to soften and integrate.

Vintage is well over now, and from a vintage of highs and lows, the outcomes are beyond our expectations. Whites have retained purity and vibrancy, and the reds stunning concentration, beautifully soft tannins and silky mouthfeel. It was worth the tension!

Country Of Origin: Australia 

Dimension: H30.5 cm x W7.6 cm 

Volume: 750ml 

Region: Margaret River 

Alcohol: 13% 

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