AMAZZONI Rio Negro Gin


Two different distillation techniques , stronger alcohol content and the same energy from brazilian waters that since the beginning infuse Amázzoni Gin and mix with its fresh botanical aromas. Amázzoni Rio Negro is stronger, more intense and as usual proudly craft.

Tasting Notes
Amazzoni Rio Negro is the super classic blend of Ámazzoni. Bringing back avors and aromas from the gins produced in the 19th century. In the nose, the rst sensation is the whole tradition of classic gins with predominant juniper, which is also noticeable in its rst sip. As a tribute to this magical botanic, Rio Negro has 6x more juniper than the traditional Amázzoni. Throughout the mid palate, you can feel the power of the 51abv with a surprising elegance, without being aggressive to the mouth and throat due to the oiliness of the Brazilian nut, preserving the herbal and spicy character of the brand. In the end you can feel all the persistence and personality of a gin made for those who like gin as it is.

Bottle Capacity: 70cl 
Handcrafted, made with recycled glass and exclusive design.

Alcohol By Volume: 51%

Distilled of pure cereal’s alcohol, juniper, coriander, lemon, tangerine, cocoa, brazilian chestnut, pink pepper and laurel.

Size: 25(height) cm x 8(diametre) cm 

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