AMAZZONI Maniuara Gin


Pureness. That of the waters nourishing Amazzonia, and giving birth to our gin. Water, transparent like each raindrop hung on a leaf in the forest, fresh like the more intimate nature of our green lung, crystal clear and gushing like it would portray the sunny and jovial spirit of our people.

Old and new world meeting, then, and embracing to become one. Just lie happened to Naià, a Guarani Indian girl that, innocent but breezy, dreamed about becoming the spouse of Jaci, the great Lunar Warrior: if you could catch him, someone told her, you’ll become a star. For such a long time, the maiden spent each night running through the forest with her arms wide open, desperately trying to hug her distant love until, one night, she sensed his mirrored image on a smooth water. She suddenly dived into, to join her sweetheart, but water wrapped up herself, and she sank. Was just in that exact moment, that - so deeply touched by such an ingenuous ambition, by such a fierce ambition to shine - Jaci became aware of Naia; and, driven by sincere admiration for her pureness, turned her in a star.

Das águas nasceu a estrela, it’s the motto on all our bottle’s label: from drop a star is born.

Popular wisdom and day-dreaming, water as the source of life and the magic inside the forest heart are, today, what gives to our gin its unique character. So deeply Brazilian, bravely nonconformist, proud of its aspiration; rooted on its land but at same time irresistibly cosmopolite. Genuine, true, even naïve, though projected to seventh heaven. This, is Amazzoni’s essence: distilled to give the world a taste of that Brazil that’s not for all and is - just because that - not to be missed.

Brazilian handcrafted gin produced in the first Brazilian artisanal gin distillery.

Tasting Notes
Amázzoni Maniuara is the Old Tom style blend of Amázzoni. Following the complex and classic pro­le of Amázzoni gin, Maniuara takes a step further and makes a twist in its recipe, with a lemon note evident both at nose – for its lemongrass and citrus aroma – and to the eyes, being lightly gold-dyed. At nose then follows a dusty earthiness underneath the whole pro­le, while at ­first sip, a so‑ and gentle floral flavour  blossoms over the palate, sitting on Amázzoni traditional juniper core. Much delicate and fresh than previous recipes and with its 38% ABV the lightest gin on Brazilian market - Maniuara then leaves with a nice peppery, sweet citrus ­finish, not so far from what its name recalls: the Maniuara ant, a spicy, zesty deli endemic in our house, the rainforest, and typical in Amazonian heritage cuisine.


Bottle Capacity: 70cl
Handcrafted and exclusive design.

Alcohol By Volume: 38%

Distilled of pure cereal’s alcohol, juniper berries, pink pepper, laurel, lemon, tangerine, coriander, cocoa, brazilian chestnut, lemon grass, maxixe, victoria régia and cipó cravo.

Size: 25(height) cm  x 8(diametre) cm 


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