Life is Liqueurful

We created something unique with an unique Artist and with universal values that for sure are yours, step into our world!

Our mission is to transmit values through art. Our labels are masterpieces of painter Eva Armisen, who is one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists.

Discover our Vermouth, Limoncello, Arancello, Mojito, Sangria and Violets liqueur, an aperitivo variety never seen before. Available in 3 different bottle dimensions to satisfy all your desires, i.e. 200ml, 50ml and 700ml.

6 Masterpieces, 6 Different Drinks, Try Them All!

Each Liqueurful bottle is unique, everything is produced in small batches in copper stills using artisan, sustainable and locally based methods. Try them dry or with our famous cocktails that will fill your day with even more happiness because... life is liqueurful!

The only family of Spanish liqueurs and vermouth created to promote universal values as SUSTAINABILITY, LOVE, DIVERSITY, OPTIMISM, RESPECT and HAPPINESS. This is what we stand for. What about you? Do you share our values?

Josephina is the organic vermouth inspired to Barcelona in Cataluña, land of the best vermouth of Spain. Always fashionable and essential! Consume dry, add some ice or mix it in a Negroni. However you like it.
Value Of The Brand: Sustainability  

IngredientsWhite wine*, alcohol*, sugar, 18 mediterranean herbs* (*) organic agriculture.

Tasting NotesIt has a light cherry red color with aromas of strawberry, cinnamon, orange and lemon. In the mouth the taste red wine stands out.

How To Drink: Serve dry, with ice or use it to mix a cocktail; look at our cocktails menu!

How To KeepKeep in the refrigerator

Country of Origin: Cataluna, Spain

500ml - 19cm (height) x 8.4cm (diametre)
200ml - 15cm (height) x 6.2cm (diametre)

Volume: 500ml, 200ml 

Alcohol: 15%

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