HABLA N21 2016


The Essence
200 hectares of hard land, slate soils, non-fertile and demanding, but who knows how to take care of the plant. Not receiving enough water, the vineyard strains struggling to survive and strives to find it herself, gives little, but their best. This way the grapes will tell us with its aromas where it is planted. It is the mystique of 'the essence'.

An avant-garde Winery
It was not easy to find the terroir where to elaborate the type of wines that we dreamed from the beginning. A land which would oblige the best out of each strain and that provided our varieties of a strong personality to produce unique wines. In the middle of two hundred acres of this Trujillo state that already the Greeks cultivated in antiquity, stands out the building that houses our winery, one of the most advanced in our country.

2016 Habla N.21 

Its entry is creamy, with a fine and silky touch that anticipates its elegant personality. Oily and opulent, it fills the palate to culminate in a surprising finish that leaves us with an unexpected freshness and the desire to have it on the palate again.

A wine with an extremely delicate expression: the sea in front, behind a lush mountain and an old quince in a stately patio.

Grape Varietal: Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot 

Vintage: 2016 

Alcohol: 14%

Country of Origin: Spain 


Dimension: H30.5 cm x W7.6 cm

Volume: 750ml 


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